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"For nearly a millennia, heaven and hell have been at balance. The horrors of hell were confined in anguish while peace blossomed across the known world. Only mortals could disturb this balance, for which mortals will only come to repent." - Meric

is a hardcore, first person looter shooter... awaken in an unforgiving world full of foul creatures, death looms around every corner. Do anything you can to survive - end this demonic presence.

If you are interested in slaying Hell's hordes of minions, you can right now for FREE!Download the demo now and enter a world where evil lurks within the shadows. Enjoying the demo? Upgrade to the full game for more weapons, demons, story puzzles, and much more! Feedback is greatly appreciated as well!

NEVRDEAD is a rogue looter shooter where you've awaken into a world ravaged by demons. Survival elements are woven into the mix to keep you on your feet. Holding out on a rooftop won't help you much if your starving to death. If surviving isn't hard enough already, try delving deeper into it all - Satan won't just let you walk away..

A challenging, rogue-like adventure with lore elements galore for your ambitious soul
Frantic first person action - slay the horde with tons of weapons from machetes to RPG's, built to challenge even the avid FPS player
Explore and unlock new areas with your newly obtained power to scavenge various kinds of loot to prolong your survival experience
Establish a fort to unlock crafting recipes, weapon upgrades, storage, and additional fortifications
Strengthen your slayer through skill progression acquired by slaying hordes of the damned

This game is in early access! Things may not work properly and the game may crash. Graphics quality/resolution adjustment may improve game play experience. If you wish to proceed in purchasing the game, please join the community here on Steam and help improve this game! Please report bugs/glitches in our discussions or e-mail them to our support e-mail.

(NEVRDEAD download will not be available here, please visit us on Steam to download the purchase the game or download the free demo! You may still support the game through donations here or on our Patreon, as always - Stay Slayin'!)

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